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Back Good's Back-Safe lumbar support belt is designed to correct your posture. It quickly eases lower back pain while driving, working, lifting, gaming or relaxing. This orthopaedic back brace ensures support and stability for a wide range of muscle and spine conditions. These include acute back pain, sciatica, scoliosis and disc herniation. The abdominal support belt is perfect for use as a post-operative/post-pregnancy aid. It provides constant support to your back, tummy, abs and waist.

Special Features:

Recommended by spine specialists, orthopaedics & physiotherapists

Prevents mild and acute lower back pain with regular use

Multi-filament construction with four metal stays, provides relief to strained muscles by supporting the lumbar region

Ergonomic design, adjusts and promotes correct posture

Double lock, for tight compression and heat retention through the day

Made with long-lasting, premium quality, breathable fabric

Criss-cross straps, for easy application and size adjustment

Adaptable, easy to carry and lightweight

Suitable while working, walking, driving, exercising, lifting, gaming and relaxing

This back brace is ideal for you if:

You suffer from lower back pain, sciatica, scoliosis or lumbar spinal stenosis

You have undergone abdominal, spine or back surgery and need physical therapy

You are looking to correct your posture or prevent back/spinal cord problems 

You are looking to relieve back pain caused by muscle strains and spasms

Your spine specialist, orthopaedic or physiotherapist has recommended a back support belt


Benefits of the Back Good Back-Safe:

 1 - Maintains Correct Posture

Back Good's lumbar belt adjusts posture with orthopaedic accuracy. The ergonomic design acts as a posture corrector. It supports the lumbar spine and provides relief to strained back muscles.

2 - Relieves Acute Back Pain

This lumbar support brace features a 3D multi-filament construction with four metal stays. This ensures comfortable support, compression, heat retention and back pain relief caused by muscle strains. 

 3 - Multipurpose Use

The Back-Safe is versatile. It can be used while working, walking, driving, exercising, lifting, gaming and relaxing. 

 4 - Easy Application & Removal

The criss-cross straps attached to each side of the belt promote easy application and removal. You can wear and remove it yourself, without needing any assistance.

 5 – Breathable Fabric

This back brace has been designed with high-quality breathable fabric. This minimizes pressure on your back, reducing the prospect of sweat patches. The simple design ensures free movement and posture correction for muscle pain relief. 


Cleaning Care:

1. Use mild soap 

2. Hand wash with cold water


4. No Bleach

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1- Is it possible to wear this abdominal belt under a dress?

A.Yes. The abdominal support belt is lightweight. Designed to ensure orthopaedic accuracy, it is discreet enough to wear under dresses or other articles of clothing. It can be worn while working, walking, driving, exercising, lifting, gaming and relaxing.

Q.2- Are the criss-cross adjustable straps detachable?

A. No. This back brace has adjustable straps. These straps are not detachable to ensure durability of the design during rough use

Q.3 - Can this belt be used for waist trimming/tummy slimming?

A. No. Back Good's Back-Safe lumbar belt cannot be used as a waist trimmer to burn fat. It does, however, compress the stomach muscles and can be worn under clothes for a slimmer look. It ensures the maintenance of excellent spinal posture throughout the day. It serves as an excellent back support belt, providing back pain relief caused by muscle strains and spasm



Back Safe - Spine Support Belt

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Must have product for " lumbar support ".
Must have product for " lumbar support ".

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