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Sleep Good Organic Neem pillow is crafted ergonomically with scientific diligence and design that aligns your neck and spine to promote healthy sleeping posture. This organic pillow is made with certified flexible foam and is infused with the goodness of neem. Neem is known to relax and reduce stress, thus providing you a sound sleep at night. This neem pillow is anti-bacterial, improves air circulation, relieve stress, and enhance your physical & mental health.



 Special Features:

Fragrance of neem gives a rejuvenating effect in the morning.

Neem infusion repels dust mites, allergens and prevents microbes from breeding.

Unique combination of flexible high-density Memory Foam for a luxuriously squishy feel that keeps you blissfully comfy.

Designed and tested by our in-house ergonomist, proven to align your head and neck for proper support.

Ultimate comfort while you sleep

Recommended by spine specialists, orthopedics and physiotherapists.



This cooling gel memory foam cervical pillow is ideal for you if:

You are looking for a organic/neem pillow.

You want an anti-allergic, anti-bacterial pillow.

You experience neck stiffness.

You suffer from neck problems.

You want to correct your posture while sleeping.

You want to relieve stress or tension from your shoulder, neck or back at night.

Your spine specialist, orthopedic or physiotherapist have advised to use a cervical pillow.


Benefits of Back Good’s Sleep Good Cooling Gel Pillow:

  1. Neem infusion helps in repelling dust mites, allergens and also prevents microbes from breeding.
  2. German-based, ergonomically designed conforms to contour of your head and neck.
  3. Improves posture and keeps your spine in a proper alignment.
  4. Relaxes muscles and prevents neck pain with regular use.
  5. Suitable for side and back sleepers.




Cleaning Care:

  1. Remove pillow cover before washing.
  2. Hand wash or machine wash the outer cover.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the pillow made of?

A. Sleep Good Organic Neem Pillow is ergonomically designed and made with flexible foam and infused with the age-old medicinal herb Neem. The fragrance of neem leaf relieves stress, anxiety, and provides a night of sound sleep. This neem pillow is organic, anti- allergic,  increases air flow, maintains your posture and will leave you rejuvenated every morning. relax muscles and reduce stress, thereby giving a conducive effect to sleep

Q.2 What is the specialty of this neem pillow?

A. The special feature of neem pillow is that its anti-bacterial, repels allergens, prevents microbes from breeding and also provides relief from neck pain.

Q.3 What are the benefits of neem?

A. Neem has several benefits and it possesses anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is known to reduce stress and thus provides a sound sleep.

Q.4 Is this pillow anti-allergic?

A. The neem infusion in this organic neem pillow has the property to repel dust mites, allergens and prevents microbes from breeding.

Q.5 Will the neem pillow help if I have neck pain?

A. This neem pillow will help you relieve stress or tension, correct your posture and thus relieves you from neck problems.

Q.6 Can I wash this organic neem pillow?

A. You can easily remove and hand wash the outer cover of this neem pillow.

Sleep Good Organic Neem Pillow

Customer Reviews

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Pratik Tiwari
Pathetic and the worst product available online.

I ordered this product for some comfort and so that I could relieve my back pain but instead this product turned out to be the worst nightmare for me. It gave me different kinds of pains that I never had before in my life. Worst product. I wish I could get a refund from you.

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