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Backgood’s orthopedic donut ring pillow provides comfort to the lumbar vertebra discs and decreases compression on the hips, spine, and tailbone when you are seated. The ergonomic ring pillow is made of high-density medical-grade foam which promotes increase blood flow, prevents the progression of hemorrhoids. Backgood’s ring pillow is used for effective relief when seated, commonly used for hemorrhoids, pressure ulcers, tailbone pain, herniated discs, post-surgery, prostatitis, fistula & ischial bursitis.

Product Dimensions: 13 inches x 16 inches x 3 inches; bag packaging; 500 grams


Special Features:

Back Roll Lumbar SupportRecommended by spine specialists, orthopedics & physiotherapists

Back Roll Lumbar SupportPrevents pressure and compression on your coccyx (tailbone), spine, hips, and thighs

Back Roll Lumbar SupportErgonomic oval-shaped design relieves pressure pains and improves recovery

Back Roll Lumbar SupportThe detachable cover makes it easy to wash

Back Roll Lumbar SupportHypoallergenic; alleviates any allergies or sensitivities, dust mite resistant 

Back Roll Lumbar SupportMade with comfortable, high-density medical-grade foam and breathable mesh fabric

Back Roll Lumbar SupportEasy to carry, portable, and lightweight; can be used while traveling

Back Roll Lumbar SupportMultipurpose use, perfect for any seat, office chairs, desk chairs, car seats, and wheelchairs

Back Roll Lumbar SupportSuitable while driving, working, or traveling

Back Roll Lumbar SupportThe donut design tilts your pelvis and spine upwards which end up lifting the back and improving your sitting posture

Back Roll Lumbar SupportIt lessens compression on your hips, spine, and tailbone. While improving your blood circulation which helps in boosting digestion, all this while you sit more comfortably anywhere.


This donut ring cushion is ideal for you if:

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou sit for more than 3 hours daily

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou are a frequent flyer or spend long hours traveling by road

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou commute daily by car or bus 

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou are looking to correct your posture or prevent back problems

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou suffer from lower back pain, hemorrhoids, pressure ulcers, tailbone pain, herniated discs, post-surgery, prostatitis, fistula & ischial bursitis.

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou are undergoing physical therapy for spine conditions or have undergone spine surgery

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou are a new mother and require after childbirth sitting relief

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYour spine specialist, orthopedic, or physiotherapist has recommended a seat cushion

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou require pre-surgery/ post-surgery rehabilitation at pressure points

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou are recovering on a wheelchair and require relief from bedsores


Cleaning Care:

1. Unzip cover and wash in machine or by hand

2. Do not wash the foam along with the cover

3. Wipe the foam clean with a wet cloth after which leave to dry

4. No Bleach




1) How effective is it?
A. The ring pillow is designed with an open center to take the compression/ pressure off the affected body part when seated. It provides space for the injured coccyx, hemorrhoid, or other regions of pain to levitate above the chair with little compression pressure from your body weight on the affected area. Apart from this, the pillow supports the lower part of each buttock cheek on the ring of the donut to provide sitting relief. When compared to sitting on a normal chair, you will experience immediate relief when using this cushion. Rest and an opportunity to recover is essential for any healing process. When used on a consistent basis, gradually you will feel relaxed on it and the problem won’t escalate.

2) Is the cushion made of heat-emitting material? 
A. The pillow is designed using high-quality medical-grade molded PU Foam with a high density. The cover is durable and removable by unzipping the zipper closure. The cover is made of 100% polyester and can be washed. The outer cover fabric is made from 3d mesh fabric which is ventilated and allows air cooling, thus constantly reducing heat.

3) Is the hole supposed to go horizontally or vertically?
A. It depends on your comfortable positions. Ideally, it goes horizontally.

4) Is it suitable for all ages, genders, and weights?
A. Yes, any person of any age and gender can utilize its universal size. It can also be used as a preventive care product. In the case of overweight use, it may slightly compress. But it will help in pain reduction for all weights.

5) Is it hard or soft in comfort?
A. It is intentionally constructed firmer for specific therapeutic reasons. Majorly to ensure that when seated your affected body part doesn’t touch any hard surface. A proper balance between hardness and softness has been created in the foam composition so that neither it feels hard as a rock nor does it go flat like normal/ memory foam. Thus, it's firm enough to resolve your purpose.

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