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Back Good's posture plus pillow is the best to help you to sit in the correct posture. This pillow alleviates neck pain. Supports the natural curvature of your neck & shoulder, ensuring correct cervical vertebrae alignment. Its unique, ergonomic design adjusts to the contour of your neck. Cradling your pressure points, ensuring proper blood circulation. Say "goodbye" to neck pain!

Special Features:

Back Roll Lumbar SupportRecommended by spine specialists, orthopedics & physiotherapists

Back Roll Lumbar SupportIncreased size, extended to support shoulders. Superior to other neck rests in the market

Back Roll Lumbar SupportEnsures muscle relaxation, prevents neck pain and shoulder pain with regular use

Back Roll Lumbar SupportIt fits most of the car and long high back office chairs with a headrest

Back Roll Lumbar SupportCreated with comfortable, superior quality denser memory foam variant

Back Roll Lumbar SupportThe cover is made of soft, anti-sweat fabric, rendering a smooth & luxurious feel. No skin discomfort. No heat and humid build-up, unlike mesh & velvet covers.

Back Roll Lumbar SupportRemovable & machine-washable cover

Back Roll Lumbar SupportModel shape designed to be ideal for everyone


The BackGood Posture Pillow is ideal for you if:

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou experience neck pain 

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou have a history of shoulder pain, neck issues, or cervical pain.

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou need relief from stiff neck, mild sprain, or cervical spondylitis

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou are looking to correct your posture while sitting or traveling in a car

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou are looking to relieve shoulder, neck, and back muscle tension after long hours of sitting

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYour spine specialist, orthopedic, or physiotherapist has recommended a cervical cushion

More Highlights:

 It has an exclusive adjustable design : 

.You can adjust the neck support pillow up, down, front, and back depending on the height. As per the position that suits you. 

The concave curved 3D surface matches the neck curve :

The ergonomic design can relieve long-term fatigue while driving. Reduces neck pressure, and provides you with a relaxed, comfortable sitting posture.

Reliable, Strong, and Durable:

Denser memory foam with a slow rebound can absorb shock and make driving safer. Protect Neck & Cervical Vertebrae in travel/office/home/car with Back Good's Travel Pillow.

Adjustable Elastic Strap: 

The elastic strap and adjustable clip prevent it from sagging after prolonged use. You can also adjust the height of your desired headrest pillow.

Benefits of the Posture Plus Small:

1 - Relieves Neck & Shoulder Pain

Sitting up straight for hours can be a pain for everyone. The car neck pillow has balanced softness and comfort. It absorbs the neck pressure experienced while driving. And reduces neck stiffness and muscle tension.

2- Correct Posture:

Along with high comfort, using a good neck pillow can even have long-term positive effects. Pillows with the best-designed neck support can improve sitting posture.

3- Portable Convenience:

The cushion is compact and lightweight, and you can pack it in a small suitcase. Neck pillow can be used in a variety of settings - such as on airplanes, buses, and even for office chairs

4- Easy Care Fabric:

The removable cover is simple to wipe, easy to remove and wash, and durable.

5- Better Upper Back Support:

Back Good's neck rest pillow is designed to support the neck and shoulders. The contour shape pillow eases the pain in the upper back, neck & shoulders.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1 – How do I use this neck pillow? 

A. Back Good's neck rest pillow is specifically designed to be used while sitting. Place the pillow behind your neck & simply lean against it. Ergonomic streamline molded headrest cervical pillow perfectly fits your body curve and provides comfortable support to your shoulder, neck, and head without hanging, maintaining a comfortable and safe posture.

Q.2 - Is this pillow made with memory foam?

A. No. The Sleep-Good cervical pillow is made with dense foam; a type of foam recommended by spine specialists. The dense foam is soft, but not too soft. It is made to support your neck, back, and spinal structure. It's useful for avoiding neck, shoulder, and back pain along with muscle strains.

Q.3 - Is this cushion good for preventing cervical spondylitis?

A. Yes, Back Good's neck pillow improves posture and spinal alignment while sleeping. This relieves neck, shoulder, and back strain with regular use. It also provides relief from conditions such as a stiff neck, mild sprain, or cervical spondylitis.

Neck Posture Pillow with Shoulder Support For Neck-health

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