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Back Good's Laptop Stand is scientifically designed to help you maintain a healthy posture while working on your laptop. By raising your laptop screen to your eye level, it prevents a hunched back and strained neck caused due to long working hours.

Laptop Stand

Special Features:

Laptop StandRecommended by spine specialists, orthopaedics & physiotherapists

Laptop StandErgonomic design corrects posture, relieves strains from the neck, upper

back, shoulders, wrists and eyes

Laptop StandGerman Bio Design, raises laptop screen to eye level
Laptop StandManufactured from lightweight high quality pinewood 
Laptop StandMultipurpose use, compatible with any gadget, fits every laptop, iPad, Kindle and book
Laptop StandEasy to carry and lightweight

Laptop StandThe ventilated design prevents laptops from overheating and crashing

This Laptop Stand is ideal for you if:

You work on on-the-go

You are looking to enhance efficiency and productivity while working

You have incorrect posture while using your laptop

You suffer from neck pain or back pain after working long hours

You are prone to eye strain and discomfort

You have a history of cervical pain or neck issues

Your spine specialist, orthopaedic or physiotherapist has recommended you to use a laptop stand



Laptop Stand

Benefits of the Back Good Laptop Stand:

1 - Maintains Correct Posture

Back Good's Laptop Stand ensures maintenance of excellent spinal posture with orthopaedic accuracy. The ergonomic design corrects your upper body posture and reduces the likelihood of neck and back pain.

2 - Reduces Strain on the Neck, Back & Shoulders

It's Unique Bio Design allows you to adjust and raise your laptop screen to eye level. This prevents neck strain, back strain and shoulder strain due to the forced downward perspective.

3 - Multipurpose Use

The Laptop Stand is extremely versatile and can be used on desks, tables, beds and floors. It is suitable for any device, laptop, iPad, Kindle and book.

4 - Portable, Easy to Carry

The stand is lightweight, taking up minimal space in your bag. It is easy to set up, anytime, anywhere.

5 - Natural Ventilator for Laptop

Keeping your laptop cool is critical in maintaining its longevity. The Back Good Laptop Stand prevents heating of the machine by allowing an uninterrupted airflow from its vents. It is the best way to preserve your laptop's health for longer life.

6 - Increases Productivity

Using laptop stand increases your efficiency. Having a keyboard placed in an optimal position is easier on the hands and will improve typing speed.


 Laptop Stand

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1 - What is the weight of this laptop stand? Can it be carried along with a computer in a bag?

A. The laptop stand weighs around 531 grams. It is lightweight and compact enough to fit into any laptop bag.

Q.2 - Can this laptop stand also be used as a platform to keep books while reading?

A. Back Good's laptop stand is portable and comes in handy while reading books as well. Recommended by spine specialists, its ergonomic design ensures correct spinal posture and reduces the prospect of neck pain and back pain while reading.


BackGood Laptop Stand for Office

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Laptop stand

The assembled one gave up ones have reassembled it, hoping it stays, the glue that came with it is not useable, completely dried out, send a sturdy finish product than unassembled one

Backgood laptop stand

The glue that came with it is completely dried up
The screw came out within one use
Have put some wood packing with fevicol n screwed it up again
Hoping this time it stays
The material is good but the screwhole n assembling part needs working

Viswanath Rao

You very well could have sent the ready-to-use item instead of multiple accessories viz pin, adhesive, screw & screwdrivers. Anyway, the assembled final product already split once. Reassembled. Lets see.

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