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BackGood's Wooden Laptop Stand is ergonomically designed to help you maintain a healthy posture while working on your laptop. By adjusting its height, you can raise your laptop screen to eye level and prevent a hunched back/strained neck caused due to long working hours.

Special Features:

Back Roll Lumbar SupportRecommended by spine specialists, orthopedics & physiotherapists

Back Roll Lumbar SupportGerman Bio Design, height adjustable, raises laptop screen to eye level

Back Roll Lumbar SupportErgonomic design corrects posture, relieves strain from the neck, upper back, shoulders, wrists, and eyes

Back Roll Lumbar SupportHand-crafted with high-quality wood

Back Roll Lumbar SupportMultipurpose use, compatible with several devices, fits every Laptop, iPad, Kindle, and Book

Back Roll Lumbar SupportEasy to carry, portable, foldable, and lightweight

Back Roll Lumbar SupportAvailable in three different colours

This Wooden Laptop Table is ideal for you if:

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou work on on-the-go, work from home, or need an effective stand for your study table

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou are looking to enhance efficiency and productivity while studying or undertaking office work

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou have incorrect posture while using your laptop

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou suffer from neck pain or back pain after working long hours

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou are prone to eye strain and discomfort

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou have a history of cervical pain or neck issues

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYour spine specialist, orthopedic, or physiotherapist has recommended you to use a laptop stand


Benefits of the Back Good Portable Laptop Stand:

1 - Maintains Good Posture

Back Good's Laptop Stand ensures maintenance of excellent spinal posture with orthopedic accuracy. In addition, this ergonomic design corrects your upper body posture and reduces the likelihood of neck and back pain.

2 - Reduces Strain on the Neck, Back & Shoulders

Its Unique Bio Design allows you to adjust and raise your laptop screen to eye level. This prevents neck strain, back strain, and shoulder strain due to the forced downward perspective. 

3 - Multipurpose Use

The Laptop Stand is extremely versatile and can be used on desks, tables, beds, and floors. It is suitable for any device, Laptop, iPad, Kindle, and Books. It can also be used to provide support for laptop or stand on a study table.

4 - Portable, Easy to Carry

The stand is lightweight and foldable, taking up minimal space in your bag. It is easy to set up anytime, anywhere.

5 - Increases Productivity

Using an adjustable laptop stand increases your efficiency. Having a keyboard placed in an optimal position is easier on the hands and will improve typing speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 - What is the weight of this laptop stand? Can it be carried along with a computer in a bag?

A. The laptop stand weighs around 531 grams. It is lightweight, foldable, and compact enough to fit into any laptop bag.

Q.2 - What's the maximum weight it can hold?

A. The Laptop stand can hold weight of upto 5.5kg.

Q.3 - What is the maximum height it offers?

A. The adjustable laptop stand offers a range of 12 cm to 19 cm (range of min to max) height elevation.


BackGood Portable & Adjustable Laptop Stand for Home & Office Use

Customer Reviews

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Anil Suri
Laptop Stand

Far below expectation. Useless,as it does not increase the level of laptop much.
Want to return it even if 50% money is refunded.

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