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Back Good’s orthopaedic lumbar support pillow Sit-Plus is specially designed to correct your posture instantly, easing neck and back pain during long working hours. Its ergonomic design adapts to most seating conditions, maintaining the ‘S’ shape curve of your spine. This back support cushion moulds to your lower back, maintaining a neutral spine alignment while sitting for long hours. It reduces your risk factor for acute low back pain and herniated disc if used regularly. This is best used with the Back Good Laptop Stand for perfect sitting posture while working or reading.

Product Dimensions – 12 x 14 x 4

Sit Plus Back Support Cushion


Sit Plus Back Support Cushion Recommended by spine specialists, orthopaedics & physiotherapists

Sit Plus Back Support CushionPrevents back pain with regular use

Sit Plus Back Support CushionGerman Bio Design with side support wings, promotes correct sitting posture

Sit Plus Back Support CushionErgonomic Design reduces the gap between your back and the chair by maintaining the natural 'S' shape curve of your lumbar spine

Sit Plus Back Support CushionMade with comfortable, premium quality breathable mesh fabric and high density moulded foam

Sit Plus Back Support CushionEasy to remove the washable cover, adjustable straps can be tightly secured to any seat

Sit Plus Back Support CushionAvailable in various colours such as black, blue and grey

Sit Plus Back Support CushionEasy to carry, has a portable handle and is lightweight

Sit Plus Back Support CushionMultipurpose use, perfect for any seat, office chairs, desk chairs, car seats, rocking chairs and wheelchairs

Sit Plus Back Support CushionSuitable while working, driving, gaming and relaxing

Sit Plus Back Support Cushion

Benefits of the Back Good Sit-Plus:


1- Maintains Correct Posture

Back Good's Sit-Plus ensures maintenance of excellent spinal posture with orthopaedic accuracy. The ergonomic design and 3-way support helps in maintaining a neutral spinal alignment, relieving neck and back strain almost instantly

2- Relieves Neck, Shoulder & Lower Back Pain

By inserting this back support pillow in between the seat and your body, your lower spine can curve forward, forcing your torso up straight. This ensures reduction of neck pain, shoulder pain and lower back pain, by correcting your sitting posture.

3- Multipurpose Use

The Sit-Plus is exceptionally versatile and can fit anywhere on any seat, office chairs, desk chairs, car seats, rocking chairs and wheelchairs. It can be used while working, driving, gaming and relaxing.

4- Portable, Easy to Carry

The cushion is compact and lightweight, and can be carried with the help of its handle. Make sure to take it with you wherever you go for ultimate comfort while travelling! It’s adjustable straps, and portable handle promote easy application and use. 

5- Easy Care Fabric

The breathable mesh design & high-density moulded foam is washable and easy to care for!

Sit Plus Back Support Cushion

Cleaning Care

1. Do Not Use a Washing Machine or Dryer

2. Hand Wash

3. Remove Pillow Cover Before Washing

4. No Bleach


Frequently Asked Questions:

 Q.1 - Should this lumbar support pillow only be used by people with back pain, or can anyone use it?

A. Back Good's Sit-Plus cushion can be used by anyone who requires back support while working or travelling long hours. This pillow promotes correct sitting posture, providing all-day comfort in any seating condition.

Q.2 – Can this back support cushion be used with office or home chairs?

A.Yes. The Sit-plus pillow is compact, sleek, lightweight and easy to carry. The additional back support is sure to make your experience during long hours of working. It is best used along with a laptop stand to prevent chronic back and neck pain.

Q.3 - Is this pillow soft?

A. The Sit-Plus for back support is made with dense foam; a type of foam recommended by spine specialists. The dense foam is soft, but not too soft. It is made to support your back and spinal structure. It's useful for avoiding neck, shoulder and back pain along with muscle strains.

Q.4 - Is this cushion good for back support while driving?

A. Yes, Back Good's Sit-Plus is suitable for providing back support while travelling by car. It improves posture and spinal alignment, relieving neck, shoulder and back strain almost instantly.

Sit Plus - Lumbar Support Cushion

Customer Reviews

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Ankit Ruparel
Great Product

Totally enhanced my sitting posture. Very comfortable.

Paresh Prajapati

Great product

vibhor parikh

Sit Plus - Lumbar Support Cushion

Rajaram Bhat



Nice product.

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