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The ergonomic footrest easily adjusts to different angles to improve your overall posture. The adjustable footrest supports your legs at your preferred angle of tilt. Rubber padded backing keeps the footrest in place to reduce muscle strain and fatigue. This footrest under the desk helps in improving posture and blood circulation by keeping your feet and legs elevated. This office footrest helps you sit comfortably and allows you to rest your feet. If you have to sit for long hours at work, having a footrest under your desk will allow you to do slight movements to keep you active. The surface texture of this footrest also serves as a massaging function when used barefoot. This is an ideal footrest for your home or home office space too.

Product Dimension: 45 (W) x 35 cm (D)

Special Features:

Back Roll Lumbar SupportMade from high impact polystyrene
Back Roll Lumbar SupportSurface texture serves as a massaging function
Back Roll Lumbar SupportRubber padding keeps it in place
Back Roll Lumbar SupportUltimate comfort while you work at the office or home

This footrest is ideal for you if:

Back Roll Lumbar Support
You have to sit for long hours

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou have discomfort while working.

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou suffer from back problems.

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou are looking at improving your posture.

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou want to lower the risk of back problems.

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou want to experience better ergonomics in your life.


Benefits of Back Good’s Footrest:

1. An ergonomic footrest will help maintain a good posture and helps you in avoiding slouching which leads to bad posture and results in pain.

2. A footrest helps in reducing the pressure on your legs and feet by keeping your feet in a neutral and comfortable position with less fatigue.

3. Using a footrest will help in reducing the risk of lower back issues.

4. An ergonomic footrest boosts circulation and improves comfort levels.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q.1 – Why should I use a footrest?

A. A footrest helps in reducing back tension by taking the load off your lower limbs. It provides relief by allowing you to shift your weight.

Q.2 What is the advantage of ergonomic footrest?

A. Ergonomic footrest improves comfort for prolonged sitting at desk or workstation. It helps reduce back strain, aligns posture, reduces fatigue, and relieves pain or discomfort.

Q.3 What angle should a footrest be?

A. An ideal footrest should be at least 45 cm wide and 35 cm deep. It should have an adjustable range of at least 11 cm and the inclination angle of the support surface should be adjustable from 5 to 15 degrees

Q.4 Does footrest help in circulation?

A. An ergonomic footrest improves circulation in the legs and thereby eliminated leg pain and stiffness. It keeps you comfortable throughout the day.

Q.5 - Does a footrest help in reducing back problems?

A.An ergonomic footrest will help you sit back into the chair without slouching and also prevent putting pressure on the spine and lower back area. Using footrest regularly will help in relieving pain.


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