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BackGood’s Small Back Rest for pain relief is ergonomically designed to provide your lower and middle back the support it needs and prevent acute low back pain. In addition, this memory cushion has a higher foam density, adding to its comfort and efficacy. The Cushion is created in a unique design inspired by the spinal cord, which provides your spine extra comfort. The extended support on its sides makes this back cushion best suited for people who suffer from chronic lower back pain. 

Special Features:

Back Roll Lumbar SupportRecommended by spine specialists, orthopedics & physiotherapists

Back Roll Lumbar SupportHighly beneficial for people who need a lumbar support pillow for back pain.

Back Roll Lumbar SupportHigh-quality binding fabric ensures lasting durability, thus reducing wear and tear.

Back Roll Lumbar SupportMade with a modified 3D fabric cover that enhances sweat absorption, provides a soft, luxurious feel & eliminates skin discomfort, unlike mesh covers.

Back Roll Lumbar SupportExtended support on both sides & increased height and depth, comes with adjustable straps, making it suitable for kids also.

Back Roll Lumbar SupportMultipurpose use, for beds/office chairs/car seats for kids and adults.

Back Roll Lumbar SupportEasy to carry, portable, foldable, lightweight, and travel friendly.


The BackGood Back Rest is ideal for you if:

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou work from home or sit at one place for a long time

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou have spinal cord issues and need to use a lumbar support cushion

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou need back support that extends from lower back to mid-back. 

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYour daily work involves heavy lifting, going to the gym regularly, or doing intense physical activity

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYou have a history of spinal stenosis, spinal canal issues, or spinal column issues

Back Roll Lumbar SupportYour spine specialist, orthopedic, or physiotherapist has recommended you use a Back Rest.


Benefits of the Posture Plus Pillow

1 - Maintains Good Posture

Back Good's Back Rest ensures maintenance of excellent spinal posture with orthopedic accuracy. The ergonomic design helps in maintaining a neutral spinal alignment, relieving neck and back strain almost instantly.

2 - Relieves Neck, Shoulder & Lower Back Pain

By inserting this back support pillow between the seat and your body, your lower spine can curve forward, forcing your torso up straight. This ensures reduced neck pain, shoulder pain, middle back pain, and lower back pain by correcting your sitting posture.

3 - Multipurpose Use

This back cushion is exceptionally versatile and can fit anywhere on any seat, office chairs, desk chairs, car seats, airplanes, rocking chairs, and wheelchairs. It can be used while traveling, driving, working, and relaxing.

4 - Portable, Easy to Carry

The cushion is compact and lightweight, taking up minimal space in your bag. Make sure to carry it with you wherever you go for ultimate comfort while traveling.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 –Which Back Rest size should I purchase? Big or small?

A. If you experience pain mainly in the lower region of your back, then opt for a small backrest. The big-size backrest has the additional benefit of giving support to the upper back as well. 

Q.2 –Does it have a strap to attach to chairs?

A. Yes, It has straps attached through which you can attach it to car chairs or other chairs.

Q.3 –Is it made of high density memory foam?

A.Yes, BackGood’s Back Rest is a memory foam cushion. It is covered with a high-quality 3D fabric cover which enhances sweat absorption, making it highly durable and breathable. 

BackGood Posture Plus Small

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