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Sleep Good Cooling pillow is crafted with scientific diligence & ergonomic design that aligns your neck & spine to promote healthy sleeping posture. It is specifically designed to prevent overheating at night and to keep you cool. The gel infusion in the foam draws the heat away and maintains a cooler temperature in the pillow. The breathable knit inner fabric circulates air out and away. Premium high-quality KoolTex outer cover removes humidity within the sleep environment and provides a cooler sleep surface. This cooling pillow relieves you from painful neck conditions like stiff neck, sprain, etc.


 Special Features:

Unique combination of flexible high-density memory foam for a luxuriously squishy feel that keeps you blissfully comfy. 

Cooling gel maintains a lower temp i.e 2-3oC less than room temp

Premium KoolTex fabric provides moisture management

Designed and tested by our in-house ergonomist, proven to align your head and neck for proper support.

Ultimate comfort while you sleep

Recommended by spine specialists, orthopedics and physiotherapists.

This cooling gel memory foam cervical pillow is ideal for you if:

You experience neck stiffness.

You suffer from neck problems.

You face heat or sweating when you wake up.

You want to correct your posture while sleeping.

You want to relieve stress or tension from your shoulder, neck or back at night.

Your spine specialist, orthopedic or physiotherapist have advised to use a cervical pillow.

Benefits of Back Good’s Sleep Good Cooling Gel Pillow:

  1. German-based, ergonomically designed conforms to contour of your head and neck.
  2. Improves posture and keeps your spine in a proper alignment.
  3. Relaxes muscles and prevents neck pain with regular use.
  4. Made with premium high quality Kooltex fabric that provides moisture management and keeps you cool throughout the night.
  5. The breathable mesh fabric and high density moulded foam is easy to care for and machine washable.



Cleaning Care:

1. Remove pillow cover before washing.

2. Hand wash or machine wash the outer cover.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the pillow made of?

A. Sleep Good CoolTech Pillow is ergonomically designed and made with unique combination of cooling gel infused, flexible high-density foam and premium KoolTex fabric. This pillow has been created using a high-density flexible memory foam that will give relief to the muscular stiffness around your neck and shoulder area. It is a durable pillow and the shape remains right even after using this pillow for a long time.

Q.2 Is it made of memory foam?

A. Yes, it is made of flexible high-density memory foam.

Q.3 What is the specialty of this cooltech pillow?

A. The Cool Tech pillow offers a comfortable and cool surface for the head and helps you to fall asleep faster. It allows the head to stay cooler so as not to break the sleep due to excessive heat at any time during the night’s sleep. It’s special Phase Change Material (PSM) draws the heat out of the body, dispersing it, and lowering the temperatures. It’s soft and flexible memory foam material along with sufficient air circulation enhances the cooling effect. The unique contour design supports your neck, shoulder and spine, cradles your pressure points giving perfect alignment. Our CoolTech pillow is ideal for a comfortable rest, will provide you with a cozy sleep, and will result in a fresh morning start.

Q.4 Can this Cooltech pillow be used for preventing cervical spondylitis?

A. Sleep Good Cooltech pillow helps in correcting your posture and relieves the strain or tension. So, this cooltech pillow may be helpful in preventing cervical spondylitis.

Q.5 Will this pillow help if I have neck pain?

A. This cooling pillow will help you relieve stress or tension, correct your posture and thus relieves you from neck problems.

Q.6 Can I wash the cooltech pillow?

A. You may remove and hand wash the outer cover.

Sleep Good Cool Tech Pillow

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