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  • Sleep Good - Neck Support Pillow

    Back Good's Sleep-Good cervical pillow is the best solution to improve your sleep quality. This pillow for neck pain, supports the natural curvature of your head and neck, ensuring correct...
    Rs. 1,499.00
  • Back Roll – Lumbar Support

    The BACK-ROLL ergonomically supports the natural curve of your spine in all seating conditions. By using a back support roll in between the seat and your body, your lower spine...
    Rs. 1,075.00
  • Sleep Good - Neck Support Pillow with Memory Foam

    Back Good’s NEW Cervical Pillow for neck support is useful for relieving neck and shoulder pain. Say goodbye to sore neck and shoulder muscles brought on due to incorrect sleeping posture. This...
    Rs. 2,599.00
  • Hip Safe - Knee Pillow

    THE HIP-SAFE is an ergonomically designed knee pillow for back pain, sciatic and hip pain relief. Its contoured design comfortably fits between your knees keeping your legs, hip and spine...
    Rs. 1,237.00
  • Sleep Back Pillow - Bed Back Support

    Back Good's Sleep Back Pillow is perfectly designed to help improve spinal posture for back and side sleepers. Place it under your back to fill the gap between your spine...
    Rs. 2,299.00
  • Back Good POSTURE WISE D-Shaped Lumbar Roll for Back Pain and Lower Back Support

    BackGood's half lumbar roll back support cushion promotes normal alignment of the lower back, by correcting posture thereby maintaining the natural 'S' shape of the spine. It provides multi-positional body...
    Rs. 1,618.00
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